• My First Craft Show Experience

    One of my goals for this year was to sign up for a craft show because I wanted to try something that was outside of my comfort zone. I knew that it would need a little more effort to reach out to new faces, but little did I know how much preparation a market requires beforehand!
  • On Imposter Syndrome: Diary of a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

    I’ve had a few conversations within the past few months with entrepreneur friends - and what I found so surprising is that even those who I considered veterans in their field still go battle through imposter syndrome thoughts - that either they don’t believe they earned the position they are currently in, or that somehow the public will figure out they’re some sort of “fraud” or “phony”.
  • New Youtube Channel / Warehouse Makeover

    BIG NEWS, friends!

    I made a Youtube channel! Believe it or not, this has been over 10+ years in the making. I’ve even gone as far as editing several videos in my earlier twenties and never posting them…  

    But this year’s challenge is all about trying new things that take me out of my comfort zone.

  • Meet the Artist

    Hello fellow artist!

    As I’ve shared more recently on our Instagram page, I’ve had this growing desire to share more about myself with this community. When first creating Maizēn, I held the belief that this space had to look professional to build credibility and establish itself as a brand. But the more our customers/ artist friends shared their meaningful experiences with their Maizēn packages, the more a yearning from within grew to connect on a more personal level.